Market & Social Research

PollAfrique offers a web and mobile platform designed to facilitate market and social research among a wide and relevant pool of African respondents. This allows respondents to participate in incentivised surveys via SMS, USSD, IVR, and Email channels.

PollAfrique provides a robust two-way research solution, which creates unique value to organisations in five (5) major ways:

Cost-effective surveys

We help organizations in carrying out efficient primary research by eliminating the manual processes involved. This offers a stress-free surveying experience, which helps to save the time and money spent on traditional research methods.

Relevant target selection

PollAfrique provides the convenience of a wide pool of respondents, which allows researchers to reach targeted demographics. Our parameter-based filtering tool helps to identify the relevant respondent samples most suitable for an organization’s surveys.

Detailed real-time analytics

Our solution provides access to a custom dashboard, displaying real-time visual analytics of survey responses. The analytics may take the form of 3D-pie, bar, and line charts based on organizational preferences. This creates convenience in deriving valuable insights from survey outcomes at a glance.

Dynamically generated reports

PollAfrique simplifies the preparation of research reports in preferred file types. Its automated reporting tool summarizes the key response data, and presents them with accuracy in ready-to-use formats.

Our service offers researchers a direct access to an extensive database of African respondents. Through varying incentivization programmes, the participation rates of primary surveys are improved. Overall, PollAfrique seeks to aid organizational research engagements, by providing a broad-based solution for efficient data collection and analysis.

Software Consulting Services

PollAfrique delivers bespoke IT consulting services covering a wide range of commercial and non-profit domains. With demonstrable expertise in software design and deployment, we build custom web and mobile applications for small, medium, and large scale enterprises. Focusing on your customers’ satisfaction, we build solutions that enhance your corporate brand, and help to interface with your valued clients better. Leveraging scalable technologies and our understanding of latest stacks, our consulting services include:

Leveraging scalable technologies and our understanding of latest stacks, our consulting services include:
Mobile development
Web development
Enterprise software R&D
UI/UX design
IT Branding & training

PollAfrique operates by test-driven and agile processes; ensuring continuous customer involvement, and iterative quality control of your software requirements.

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